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Loans & Credit Cards

We realize that everyone needs a little help now and then. To help our members, Fellowship Credit Union offers various loans and a Visa Credit Card – all with great competitive rates and low or no fees. If you find what you’re looking for, get the loan process started by filling out our online application.

Share Secured Loans

When you open a Share Secured Loan, your savings account with us acts as your collateral. How much you have in your savings account sets the available loan amount, and the rate is a certain percentage above the current deposit rate. This loan is a great way to rebuild your credit history.

New & Used Automobile Loans

For members looking for a dependable set of wheels to those who are looking to get their dream car, Fellowship Credit Union has got the new or used auto loan for you.

Our New and Used Auto Loans Offer:

Signature Loans

A signature loan from Fellowship Credit Union is the perfect lending solution for members with a great credit history and a steady source of income. If you’ve got those bases covered, then this loan lets you borrow money with just your signature – no collateral! Keep in mind that interest rates do run higher and we might ask you for a co-signer with this type of loan.

Overdraft Protection Loans

Hate the embarrassment and extra expense that happens when you accidently overdraw your checking account? For those times you use your ATM/debit card one too many times or write one too many checks, Fellowship Credit Union has an overdraft protection loan to help protect you and avoid those extra fees. Funds will automatically be transferred from your overdraft protection loan to cover the check or debit transaction, up to your available credit limit.

Visa Credit Cards

Fellowship Credit Union's Visa Credit Card has one of the best rates in town. Come in and apply today!

Our Visa Credit Card Offers:

To learn more about any of our loans, either fill out our online application or stop by a Fellowship Credit Union branch and ask to speak to a loan officer.

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